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Linux & Windows DNS ,WEBSERVER, Monitoring Vid

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Linux & Windows DNS ,WEBSERVER, Monitoring Vid

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<br>windows server 2003 IIS and DNS<br /><br />12 minutes 48 seconds by Jake<br /><br />In this video, I install and configure IIS and DNS on Windows Server 2003 for virtual<br /><br />hosting. These procedures will work with all versions of Windows Server 2003 and possibly<br /><br />with Windows 2000 Server<br /><br />-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /><br />Linux Network Monitor<br />12 minutes 23 seconds by Jake<br /><br />This video shows you how to set up ntop, a network monitoring program, on GNU/Linux. Ntop<br /><br />features a web interface that displays tons of information about bandwidth utilization,<br /><br />traffic patterns, etc. It even shows you what applications are using bandwidth on your<br /><br />network such as ftp, bittorrent, http, dns, etc.<br /><br />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Linux DNS SERVER<br /><br />38 minutes 28 seconds by Jake<br /><br />This video explains how to set up a DNS server on a GNU/Linux server. In the video I<br /><br />explain a little bit about how DNS works, then I install and configure BIND in a chroot<br /><br />jail on 2 DNS servers in a master/slave relationship. This video is specifically tailored<br /><br />to setting up DNS for a web server.<br /><br />Linux Webserver<br /><br />17 minutes 58 seconds by Jake<br /><br />This video explains how to set up a web server on a GNU/Linux server. In the video I<br /><br />install and configure Apache, VSFTPD, PHP, MySQL, and PHPMyAdmin. The end result is a PHP<br /><br />-powered web server with ftp access and a MySQL server with a web interface.<br /><br />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /><br />Windows Webserver<br /><br />13 minutes 26 seconds by Jake<br /><br />This video details the installation and configuration of Apache, MySQL, and PHP on<br /><br />Windows. This video is made specifically or those using Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Home,<br /><br />or Windows XP Pro.<br /><br />VIDEOS AVAILABLE IN WINDOWS MEDIA FORMAT &amp; FLASH FORMAT <htmlformat><htmlformat>
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